Charity Elise Hofert is an artist and designer living and working in Atlanta, GA. She creates a variety of handmade, decorative, and functional pieces for the home and garden.
The intricately detailed seashells and starfish bordering her aqua blue platter are made out of earthenware clay that have been glazed and fired. To make the seashells, Charity Elise made a mold from real seashells and a starfish with Knead-a-Mold. The Knead-a-Mold picked up the subtlest of textures–allowing the details to not be lost during the firing process. The result is an exact replica of the original objects on the finished piece.

These yummy Oreo pendants were made by making a mold with Knead-a-Mold onto a real cookie and then pressing white earthenware clay into the cured mold. The fired earthenware cookies were carefully painted with brown glazesand then varnished.

This starfish pendant was made with white earthenware clay pressed into a mold made from a real starfish with Knead-a-Mold. The starfish is glazed in a lovely, soft orange which was partially wiped away to reveal the beautiful texture of the starfish. It was then glazed in a clear gloss glaze, affixed to a sterling silver bail and hung from a black elastic cord. “I grew up on the coast of Maine and am missing the ocean living here in Atlanta, and so i have started making some pieces that remind me of my salty roots!”

The pendants and earrings below are made from white stoneware clay that were pressed into a Knead-a-Mold mold that were taken from vintage cabochons and other interesting objects.

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