Universal Patinas

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Non-acid, non-reactive, UV-safe, slightly opaque and may be used on any type of metal or metal coating. May be applied hot or cold. Available in 8 oz. bottle. For sizes larger than 8 oz, please call.

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Universal Patinas by Sculpt Nouveau – 8 oz.

Non-acid, non-reactive, UV-safe, slightly opaque and may be used on any type of metal. May be applied hot or cold.

Universal Patinas may be used on any type of metal as well as metal coatings. They are non-acid, non-reactive, and slightly opaque. Sculpt Nouveau’s Universal Patinas come in a wide range of colors, are UV safe, indoor or outdoor oxides. These patinas may be applied hot or cold to any metal including Iron and Steel.

The Universal Patinas bind on to the metal surface; they do not react. The color of these patinas will remain the same; they will not change as with an acid patina. The metal surface needs to be clean before application. As with all of our products these patinas may be used together with any of the other patinas and dye oxides. Universal Patinas can be used directly on any metal without causing rust, including iron, steel and aluminum. A protective clear coat is always necessary as a final step on these metals.


Colors available: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Brown, Black.

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Sculpt Nouveau patinas are pre-mixed, ready-to-use patinas that can be applied to metal or to a surface that has been treated with a metal coating to create an infinite array of beautiful colors and surface finishes. We offer three types of patinas: Universal Patinas, Traditional Patinas, and Vista Patinas. Each type of patina is available in a wide range of rich colors and may be mixed together with other patinas within its group to form different shades. The different types may be applied over each other or mottled around in areas to make the patina more interesting. Usual coverage is approximately 200 sq ft per gallon. All patinas are designed for indoor and outdoor use with the exception of Traditional Blue.

Universal Black, Rust and Green applied to hot rolled steel

For more information about patinas, use these links to download a Patinas Overview or download detailed instructions on how to use patinas and other Sculpt Nouveau products.

Click here to see a flow chart mapping the patina and finishing process from start to finish.
Click here to view a video demonstration of this and many other products.

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Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Brown, Black