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Available for rental at an hourly rate.
Discount for AVA members.

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Ann Brown Poss was a nationally recognized printmaker and painter who lived and worked in Chattanooga.  Ann strongly believed in the benefit of community and of artists making art together.  She opened her studio and the use of her printmaking press to many over the years.

We are proud to have her press at Townsend Atelier.  The Ann Brown Poss Press is available for use by appointment and is available for rental at an hourly rate.  Printmakers will need to work independently, bring their own supplies, do their own printing and clean up.  The Conrad press, blankets, a large water tray, glass inking surface,  and plenty of workspace will be made available.

You may purchase up to 8 hours at a rate of $10 per hour.  Scheduling will be arranged between the renter and Townsend Atelier.

AVA (Association for Visual Arts) members receive a 10% discount.  If you are a member of AVA, please contact Townsend Atelier to reserve the press.

Daud Akhriev burning up the press
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1 hour $10, 2 hours $20, 3 hours $30, 4 hours $40, 5 hours $50, 6 hours $60, 7 hours $70, 8 hours $80


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