Metal Coatings

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Our Sculpt Nouveau metal coatings are available in two formulas: B and C. Please see details below, and then select your metal, size and which formula.

Formula B (in bronze, brass, copper or iron)
8 oz – $12
32 oz – $33

Formula C (in bronze, brass and copper)
8 oz – $47

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Metal Coatings by Sculpt Nouveau

Create a metal finish on virtually any surface with Sculpt Nouveau Metal Coatings. Different metal powders are used to create different metal coatings: bronze, brass, copper and iron. Formulated with ground metal suspended in a non-toxic water-based acrylic binder, these metal coatings can be applied to metal and non-metal surfaces such as glass, wood, ceramics, concrete, foam or resin.

For example, a ceramic or plaster object would appear to be made of bronze if the Bronze Metal Coating was applied on it. Applying the Copper Metal Coating over steel would make the steel appear to be copper. Another popular use is to apply the Iron Metal Coating over iron or steel. This allows you to completely rust the surface Metal Coating without compromising the base metal and since the coating is an outdoor product there will be no further disintegration even outdoors.

The Metal Coatings are available in two different formulas: B and C. You may apply our patinas to both, whether wet or dry. Once dry, surface may be burnished with steel wool in order to highlight or adjust the patina. Additionally, more patina may be added after burnishing. All of our patinas, solvent dyes, and waxes work with the Metal Coatings, providing you with endless possibilities for your finishes. The Metal Coatings are very durable outside (10 to 15 years) and are non-hazardous. Coverage is about 100 sq ft per gallon. This includes the recommended two coats.

Metal Coating B comes premixed and ready to use. May be gently burnished with 0000 steel wool to obtain a nice sheen. Indoor and outdoor use. Available in brass, bronze, copper, and iron.

Metal Coating C is a three-part mix: body+hardener+catalyst. It cures so hard that it may be polished with a buffing wheel just as if it were a piece of metal. For indoor and outdoor use. Available in brass, bronze and copper.
Click here to download detailed instructions on how to use metal coatings and other Sculpt Nouveau products.

Click here to see a flow chart mapping the patina and finishing process.

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Metal Coating B – BRONZE 8 oz – $12, Metal Coating B – BRONZE 32 oz – $33 Metal Coating B BRONZE gallon – $80, Metal Coating C – BRONZE gal – $146, Metal Coating B – BRASS 8 oz – $12, Metal Coating B – BRASS 32 oz – $33, Metal Coating B BRASS gallon- $80, Metal Coating C – BRASS gal – $146, Metal Coating B – COPPER 8 oz – $12, Metal Coating B – COPPER 32 oz – $33, Metal Coating B Copper Gallon- $80, Metal Coating C – COPPER gal – $146, Metal Coating B – IRON 8 oz – $12, Metal Coating B – IRON 32 oz – $33, Metal Coating B – IRON gal – $146


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