Bust of Sarah Winnemucca, bronze

Based in Aberdeen, South Dakota, sculptor Benjamin Victor makes incredibly detailed figurative works in both clay and in bronze. Many of his monumental works function as tributes to great historical figures or to contemporary heroes like firefighters or those who have served in the military. Victor joined the ranks of Michelangelo, Bernini, Daniel Chester French, and Maya Lin by receiving his first large commission at only 23 years old. At age 26, he became the youngest artist ever to have a sculpture in our Nation’s foremost collection of figurative sculpture, the National Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol. Art critics and organizations, including the National Sculpture Society in New York City, continue to recognize the aesthetic and conceptual integrity of Benjamin’s artwork.

Victor uses a wide variety of processes and materials in his work including Knead-a-Mold. He says, “Knead a mold is a very easy to use, versatile product which has been very useful in making quick molds. It is especially useful in molding bas-reliefs, and small sculptures for wax and plaster reproduction.”

Monument to Firefighters in clay Detail

Monument to Firefighters, bronze/installation in Lawrence, KS

Old Man, clay

Sequoya, life-sized, clay

To see more of Benjamin Victor’s work, visit www.benjaminvictor.com