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The Metal Coating and Patina Workshop that we hosted June 19-21 was a great success. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting new artists as well as seeing some old friends. California-based artist and instructor, Ron Young, who founded the patina and metal finishing company, Sculpt Nouveau, led the two day workshop. Over 20 students from all over the Southeast attended. The weekend was jam packed with valuable technical information from Ron’s lectures and demos and lots of hands-on experimentation with metal coatings, patinas, molding making and casting materials. Townsend Atelier hopes to host many more workshops in the future. If there is a particular type of workshop you would like to see us do, please email us and let us know!


A few students brought their own pieces to work on at the workshop.  Chattanooga sculptor, Roses Taylor, metal coated her plaster bust in bronze and applied tiffany green patina.  First, the plaster bust was sprayed with BRONZE METAL C Coating. The first coat is applied and allowed to dry. Then a second coat is applied. While the second coat of metal coating is still wet, Liver of Sulfur is sprayed on to give the bronze a rich golden hue. Finally, Traditional Tiffany Green Patina was sprayed on while surface was still wet. The patina developed a gorgeous blue-green color in a very short amount of time. More patinas or waxes can be applied to achieve different patination. Or Permalac lacquer can be applied to stop the patina development process and to protect the surface when desired coloration is achieved.