Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Kevin Greeland is an artist and art instructor. Currently on view at the Memphis College of Art’s On the Street Gallery is his MFA exhibition. Greeland employs a wide variety of media in this major installation includingBrush-a-Mold and Knead-a-Mold.

To see and read more about this exhibition, click this link: river-of-secrets.pdf

To make the molds for the cast pewter hands, Greeland applied Brush-a-Mold on to his own hands then after allowing to cure, he demolded the mold from his hands and cast pewter into them. He also used Brush-a-Mold to make the molds for the cast brass animal heads.

Cast Pewter in a Brush-a-Mold mold

Cast Brass

To make the hoofs, molds were made from real deer hoofs with Brush-a-Mold and then cast in plaster.

Cast plaster hoofs

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