Nude Study #1: casting resin, brass powder, slate black patina
Nude Study #2: casting resin, copper powder, slate black patina, 5.5″ x 12.5″
Nude Study with Camera: casting resin, bronze powder, slate black patina, 11″ x 6.5″

Our resident sculptor at Townsend Atelier sculpted these small figurative reliefs in clay from a live model. After the sculpting was completed, a simple mold was made out of Townsend Atelier’s Pourable Silicone.  Once the mold was fully cured, metal powders were dusted into the surface of the mold (either bronze , copper,  or brass powders) and then Townsend Casting Resin was poured into the metal coated mold.  In just a few minutes, the casting was ready to be de-molded and finished with a Sculpt Nouveau Slate Black Patina.   Below are a few more examples in this series of beautiful cold cast metal reliefs.