Townsend Casting resins are two-part liquid urethane casting system designed for use by sculptors, wood carvers, pattern makers, taxidermists, hobbyists, proto-typers, model makers, special effects professionals, doll makers, jewelers, restorers, to name a few.

Here are a few examples of pieces made with Townsend Casting Resin.

Study of a Female Centaur, by Cessna Decosimo, Chattanooga, TN

A mold was made from the artist’s original piece which was sculpted from clay. To achieve the beautiful bronze patina, the interior of the mold was dusted with bronze powder before the casting resin was poured into it. Once cured and de-molded, the surface was buffed with steel wool and patinaed with our Sculpt Nouveau solvent dyes.

Detail of Study of a Female Centaur

On the left is the original sculpture of a lizard made from stone. A mold was made of it with Knead-a-Mold. Then, Townsend Casting Resin was poured into the mold. The lizard on the right is the resin cast. The white resin lizard could now be painted, patinaed or left as is. To create a bronze surface, bronze powder could have been dusted into the mold prior to pouring in the resin. Visit our “how to” section on our website to read more.

Casting resin was poured into a silicone mold taken from an architectural ornament.

Bronze powder was dusted into a silicone mold, casting resin was then poured into the mold. When de-molded, the bronze bonds to the exterior of the resin and can be buffed or patinaed.

Back of the resin piece showing bronze powder on exterior.

This resin casting was poured into a silicone mold taken from an architectural terra cotta relief. The casting resin was poured into the mold which was dusted with gold-colored powder to give it a luminous surface.

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