Townsend Pourable Mold



Townsend Atelier’s Pourable Mold is a two-part pourable condensation cured silicone mold making system. Simply mix the parts together, pour over object to be molded, allow to cure and then de-mold. Once fully cured, the mold is ready for casting a variety of materials such as Townsend Casting Resin™, concrete, wax, soap, plaster, gypsum, etc. No release agents necessary. Not recommended for casting metals. Townsend Pourable Mold is not skin safe and should not be used for making molds of living tissue or food molds. The regular kit produces approximately 57 cubic inches of mold making material and the gallon kit produces approximately 231 cubic inches of mold making material.

Easy to use | captures fine details | requires no release agents | Mold are reusable

System includes:

Side A | clear catalyst/curing agent

Side B | white silicone base