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Still Life Painting with Melissa Hefferlin


Wednesday evenings 6-9 pm
January 24, 31 & February 7
Instructor:  Melissa Hefferlin

Melissa returns to Chattanooga from Spain each winter for just a few short months, so this is your only chance to study with him in 2018!

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Wednesday evenings 6-9 pm
January 24, 31 & February 7
Instructor:  Melissa Hefferlin

While back in Chattanooga for a fleeting few months, this will be Melissa’s only workshop in 2018 so don’t miss your chance to study with this amazing artist.
Based on the popularity of last year’s still life class with Hefferlin, we are repeating the experience this year with one modification: more evenings for the finished still life.

Like athletes, artists can benefit from cross-training. For example, life drawing training includes quick gesture drawings, twenty-minute poses, and long poses lasting from a few hours to weeks. In this oil painting class we will spend our first evening in a circuit, painting a series of small oil studies of different still life. These studies will be four, 5×7 mini-paintings.

The timing enforces speed, which is a terrific warm-up for the eyes, focusing the mind and loosening the hand. It’s also a great practice which can lead to better painting out of doors and on trips, where things change and an artist has very limited time to grab and document an image.  For the remainder of the evenings, each participant will select one of the still lifes to paint from on a 16×20 surface.

Hefferlin’s passion for still life as an expression of human experience has been gaining in intensity for thirty years. Come and share in the enthusiasm and exploration of the medium.

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About the instructor:
Melissa Hefferlin is an American artist trained in the USA (Otis Parsons Art Institute, Los Angeles California) and in St. Petersburg (Leningrad) at the Academy of Art under A. A. Mylnikov. She has been a professional, international artist for twenty-five years.

She is a full member of Oil Painters of America, the Union of Russian Artists St. Petersburg Russia, and the Association of Pastel Painters of Spain. She is a Signature member of Pastel Society of America. She’s won awards for excellence at NYC’s Salmagundi Club, Pastel Society of America, Salon International, Association of Women Artists, and many others. Her work has been published widely, including Artists Magazine and American Art Collector Magazine. She has work in the Hunter Museum of American Art, the Semens Corporation art collection, the museum of the Russian Academy of Art, Southern University to name a few.    Hefferlin’s media are oil painting, pastel painting, ink wash and relief printing. She teaches workshops around the Southeastern United States and in Spain. She speaks English, Russian and Spanish. She is co-founder and co-designer of the company Serithea, artisan silk scarves.


“I am an American painter, 45 years old, who lives and works in Andalusia, Spain.  My grandparents were Swiss, Alsatian, Dutch and Russian.  As a family now we are Protestants, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, and atheists. I was educated in “Leningrad,” Russia and Chattanooga, Tennessee and Los Angeles, California.   Thus it is less surprising than it might seem that I moved to a new destination in the middle of my life. I chose Andalusia for the mountains and dry climate, but mostly for time to paint. 

My artistic aesthetic is attached most strongly to Russian Impressionism. My own history is American. I am attracted to figurative imagery with strong color and a good story—people who live life well, and thoroughly, and it shows on their faces.  

A parallel passion is still life.  I strive for still life which are like Bach sonatas for the eyes—peaceful and thoughtful, yet hopefully surprising.  Since coming to Andalusia I have developed a fascination with glass jars and bottles.  I love the empty ones for the way they play with the world around them by twisting it”.

  • Melissa Hefferlin