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Rosemary Ivory Brushes



Rosemary Brushes Townsend Atelier is a proud distributor of UK based Rosemary & Company brushes. For 30 years, this family-owned business has been handcrafting these fine brushes preferred by artists around the world. Rosemary & Company believes that brush making is an art form. They have traveled the world seeking out just the right materials and training their staff to make these special brushes. If there is a size or type of brush that you do not see on our web site, feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to get if for you.

IVORY BRUSHES This is synthetic at its best a fine imitation to bristle. A cross between a firm bristle yet has a silky spring which doesn’t leave brush marks. I designed these to be a working tool for oil artists – a brush that doesn’t splay keeping a good firm shape and cleans out really well. This range outsells our traditinal chungking bristle by around 10:1 which speaks volumes. They carry a good load of of paint for realistic work and they are perhaps as close to ideal as it gets. In the words of the Artist who helped me with the trials on this range: “You’ve probably got the Holy Grail of brushes – what a treat!”