Bending, oil on panel 18 x 18 Feb 2015

Painting the Figure with Expression with David Shevlino


October 19-22 | 2017
9 am – 5 pm
Instructor:  David Shevlino


October 19-22
9 am – 5 pm
We are thrilled to have visiting instructor, David Shevlino back at Townsend Atelier for a brand new workshop that will focus on painting expressively.

In this 4-day workshop,  students will start with a loose, quick acrylic underpainting, then work over it in oil paint. The acrylic paint dries with in a few minutes, making it ideal for underpainting.  Painting over an underpainting allows for more building up of paint so that parts can be scraped and wiped away to expose the underlying tones and forms.  This lends itself to an expressive, more abstract approach, while creating an interplay between tones, forms and color.  In addition to brushes,students will learn how to  use plastic scrapers to add and remove paint.
Students will work from a model each day.  Model fee included in the workshop.  There will be a one-hour lunch break each day.  Feel free to bring your own lunch or enjoy plenty of dining options in our southside neighborhood.

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About the instructor:

Mel Dressing, oil on panel, 19 x 17, March 2016

Mel Dressing, oil on panel, 19 x 17, March 2016