Monthly On-Line Critiques with Mia Bergeron


September 2018- February 2019
Limited to 10 participants

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September 2018- February 2019
Space is limited to 10 participants

Do you need extra help with your paintings in progress but can’t travel or don’t want to leave your studio?  Mia Bergeron is now offering on-line critiques.  Painters enrolled will be able to send Mia 1-2 images per month of paintings needing a critique. She will offer feedback for up to 5 questions, along with anything else she sees that could use a bit of work. Many responses include photoshopped adjustments to give you more clarity on what she is suggesting, valuable technical information, and any career tips that may be helpful. Since these critiques do take time to form written responses to, there will be a schedule of when in the month you can send your questions and images to Mia, along with a date of when you can expect a response. Enrolled students will receive a private email address for this class to communicate with Mia. This is a great way to stay accountable, get questions answered in a  timely manner, and never need to travel or leave your studio.

About the Instructor:
Mia Bergeron’s interest in art was cultivated early on, beginning with continuous exposure to visual works through her parents’ graphic design firm in New York City. Mia has studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, and has studied and taught at the Charles H. Cecil Studio in Florence, Italy, a small private painting atelier primarily focused on the naturalistic tradition of such artists as Van Dyck, Velasquez, and John Singer Sargent. In May 2007, she was a national finalist for the American Artist Magazine Cover competition. In 2010, she was named one of the “Top 21 Artists Under 31 Years Old To Be Collected Now” by SouthWest Art Magazine. She has served as Adjunct Professor at UTC, a faculty member at the Art of the Portrait Conference in Atlanta, GA and is a regular instructor at Townsend Atelier.