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Landscape Painting in Oils with TJ Cunningham


January 19 & 20
10am-5 pm
instructor:  TJ Cunningham

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January 19 & 20
10 am-5 pm
instructor:  TJ Cunningham

For a minute consider the three most common genre of representational art: still life, portraiture, and landscape painting. Of the three, landscape painting is typically regarded as the easiest because it tends to be a more forgiving subject. While this may be true in some instances, the landscape does offer many distinct challenges. During this landscape painting class, TJ Cunningham will focus on the two challenges that he considers the greatest impediment to a successful landscape painting. First, how to create atmosphere and second, how to sculpt the landscape so that the trees seem vertical while the surrounding landscape appears flat.

This entire class will take place in the safety of the studio. Unlike plein air painting where speed and direct observation are critical, the painting time in this class will address the ideas more thoroughly behind a good landscape painting. TJ will begin each day with a presentation of his working process. The attendees will also receive clear instruction on how to simplify the landscape in an expressive way. Paint quality, value pattern, and abstraction will all be discussed as valuable tools when used in landscape painting.

The three landscape motifs the class will focus on are: a vista/distant mountain scene, a tree, and architecture in the landscape. The students may supply their own photographs or choose from the instructor’s images.  All levels are welcome.

There will be a one-hour lunch break each day.  Feel free to bring your own lunch or enjoy lots of dining options nearby.  For those students traveling from out ot town, let us know if you need accommodation recommendations.  We will be happy to help!

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About the instructor:
Born in 1988, TJ Cunningham grew up in the quintessential, little New England town of Cambridge, Vermont, where he spent most of his time outdoors. The small farms, wooded hills and shallow streams of his boyhood haunts were fertile with inspiration. It was the perfect place to awaken a desire to create. TJ pursued this desire into adulthood by studying commercial art at Pensacola Christian College. It was there that he discovered oil paint. He often describes the experience as, “love at first sight.”

Since the beginning of TJ’s career in fine art, he has come to focus on the landscape and spends much of his time outdoors painting from life. His work continues to grow in notoriety. In 2014 Southwest Art highlighted Cunningham as one of America’s emerging artists in their annual “21 under 31” article. He has received numerous awards including “Best overall Oil” in the November/October 7th Annual Plein Air Salon. He has also received, 1st Place Landscape (2016), Honorable Mention (2016), 5th Place (2014) and Exceptional Merit (2013) from The Portrait Society of America.  Despite his focus and success, TJ lives a well-balanced life. He and his wife Julie, a fellow art student from college, share in the joy of two beautiful sons.

What students are saying:
“Tim is hands down one of the best painters I have had the pleasure to meet.  His paintings are truly of the landscape he paints.  But there is more to it than that.  He is also a natural teacher.  Aspiring painters, like myself, who attend workshops from time to time, know that this is not an easy combination to find.   Moreover, he possesses the kindness of heart to really care about the individual progress of his students.  During those workshop days with Tim, I could honestly feel his genuine interest in my work.  I wish him all the best for his career.” – Judith 

“I was lucky enough to attend two of Tim’s workshops in Middlebury, VT and they were terrific! Now when I paint I take more time to look carefully for those moments of color and light that make each subject unique.” – Barrett Wendal

“I have taken two workshops with TJ Cunningham — one for plein air landscape and one for painting the figure out of doors.  As an instructor, TJ is excellent at explaining and demonstrating how natural light falls on features like fields, hills, trees, and man-made objects.  He helped me to begin to see the variety of colors in those objects.  In the second workshop, he was particularly helpful in showing us how to use indirect and reflected light to add vitality to paintings of figures in a natural setting.” –  Linda