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It’s All In Your Head | Portrait Painting


January 11, 12, & 13
Instructor:  Timur Akhriev

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January 11, 12, & 13
Instructor:  Timur Akhriev

Friday, January 10
6-8 pm: demo and social time to kick off the class

This workshop sold out last year, so we are bringing it back in 2019.  Now’s your chance to register if you were not able to last time.

Being taught in the Russian Academic technique, Timur Akhriev encountered a lot of different ways to paint a portrait.  One way to was to do a fast and quick portrait painting.  This idea stuck with Timur and has helped him to be a more efficient painter and make his painting look more alive.  This workshop will concentrate on painting in three days.  It is a good practice to have a short amount of time for a head study.

Limited time will give students a chance to challenge themselves and to paint more directly and fearlessly like Repin, Zorn, Sorrolla, and Sargent, etc.
Working from a live model, the class will touch correct proportions, tone, value, composition, application of brushstrokes and thick vs thin paint ratio.   A lot of portrait classes have a very regular setting, such as light from the top, this time we will set a light from the bottom.  This will make a portrait even more interesting and dramatic for painting and it will let you experience something new.

Timur will give an evening painting demo and relaxed social time on Friday night for the students.  There will be a one-hour lunch break each day during the workshop.  Feel free to bring your own lunch or enjoy plenty of dining options nearby.

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Painting by Timur Akhriev

About the instructor: 
Born in Vladikavkaz, the territory where Southern Russia meets Chechnya in 1983, Timur lived with his family until moving from the region during the conflict of 1991. After moving to St. Petersburg Timur began attending the St. Petersburg Iagonson Fine Art School at the age of twelve, where many of the professors studied at the Repin Academy of Fine Arts.  While living in Russia Timur also received private tutoring from Nikita Fomin, son of Piotr Fomin.
After graduation, Timur immigrated to Chattanooga Tennessee to live with his father, Daud Akhriev and stepmother Melissa Hefferlin, who are also Russian trained artists. In Chattanooga, Timur attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga studying in the Fine Arts program. In 2005 to further his education Timur moved to Florence Italy to study at the Florence Academy of Art and Charles Cecil Studios of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture for two years.  Today, Timur splits his time between the US and Europe.  He is skilled in painting all genres of work and is a regular instructor at Townsend Atelier.