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Introduction to Metal Leafing for Painters


February 1 & 2 | 2020
10 am-4:30 pm
Instructor: Terry Rafferty
all levels are welcome | space will be limited to 10 students

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February 1 & 2 | 2020
10 am-4:30 pm
Instructor:  Terry Rafferty

Learn the beautiful art of metal leafing to add a rich and unique glow to your own paintings.   In this 2-day class you will learn to apply metal leaf (imitation gold, silver and/or copper) to a panel that can be incorporated into an oil or acrylic painting.  Students will learn a variety of techniques,  the differences in surface treatments that affect the final appearance, and when and how to seal the leaf.   On the first day, students will create several panels for practice.  On day two,  the instructor will provide prepared metal leafed  panels on which to paint (the ones made in class will require 3-5 days to cure).  Students will learn transparent and opaque painting techniques on metal leaf and additional techniques for special effects and for fixing problems. This class is for all levels of students working with acrylics or oils.

There will be a one-hour lunch break each day.  Lunch is on your own.

Materials to bring:
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Materials provided:
The metal leaf and adhesive will be provided by the instructor, as well as 2 sealed gilded panels for each student to work with on day 2. There will be a $20.00 materials fee per each student payable to the instructor.   Instructor will also provide a variety of other supplies and samples for experimentation.

About the instructor:
Terry Rafferty, born in 1954, grew up in Southern California but finds it difficult to stay in one place too long, with stops in Europe, the South Pacific, Washington, Montana, and New Mexico. She currently splits her time between North Georgia and a trawler along the East Coast. Along the way she obtained a BA in Visual Art. After working on her own and taking workshops with a variety of instructors, she began a mentorship with American Realist artist Cindy Procious, learning old master techniques which she uses to great effect with contemporary compositions and subjects. Primarily using animal figurines, her award winning work explores how we share and experience our world. There is a narrative in each piece, but one that is just suggestive; the viewer is invited to write his or her own version.