Fundamentals of Landscape Painting Design & Composition


Wednesdays,  August 2-30
6-9 pm | 5 weeks
Instructor:  Dave Salerno

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Wednesdays, August 2-30
6-9 pm | 5 weeks
Instructor:  Dave Salerno

Have you ever tried to go outside to paint a landscape, only to feel overwhelmed?  Or were you just afraid to try?  Have you taken a photo instead, only to get home and wonder what happened to the beauty that you saw?  Or concluded that you are a poor photographer?  Have you tried to paint the landscape from the photo, but felt something was wrong?  Have you been disappointed with the results of your landscape painting efforts?  If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you are probably struggling with design and composition issues.  This workshop offers explanations and solutions to these and other problems that arise during landscape painting.

This five-week class will include the basics of landscape composition, examples of composition problems, and suggested solutions.  Topics will include composition, site selection, simplification, cropping, size and placement, values,  the “melodic line”, shapes and masses, and more.  The problems related to painting from photographs will be demonstrated, along with suggestions on how to use photos.

From photographs, students will draw small value/composition sketches, then paint a monochrome wash followed by the addition of full color.  The focus will be on improving the composition in the photo. There will be an opportunity to share and discuss the paintings with the group at the end of each class.  Students may bring their own landscape photos or use those provided by the instructor.

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About the instructor:
David Michael Salerno is a representational oil painter with interest in landscape (including plein air), still-life, figurative and portrait painting.  Noticing his interest in drawing as a young boy, his artist mother bought him an instructional drawing set.  David painted throughout his life, even during his years as a practicing cardiologist.  In Minneapolis, he attended the Atelier Lack, where he obtained a foundation in classical drawing and painting.  Upon retiring from his medical career, David has focused on his passion for painting.

David has a keen interest in the technology of oil painting.  He takes pride in utilizing proven techniques and products to ensure strong and stable paint layers that result in a quality archival painting.

He is a member of several national oil painting organizations, including the Oil Painters of America, the American Impressionist Society, the Portrait Society, and the National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society (NOAPS).  He has achieved the designation of Signature Artist in NOAPS. David is an instructor at Townsend Atelier in Chattanooga, Tennessee.