Composition Workshop in 2 Dimensional Media with Daud Akhriev


April 7 & 8
10:00 am-5:00 pm
Instructor:  Daud Akhriev

Daud returns to Chattanooga from Spain each winter for just a few short months, so this is your only chance to study with him in 2018!

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April 7 & 8
10:00 am-5:00 pm
Instructor:  Daud Akhriev

Daud returns to Chattanooga from Spain each winter for just a few short months, so this is your only chance to study with him in 2018!


“After studying composition with Daud, I am convinced that, for the representational painter, composition is as critical a skill set to acquire as drawing. Daud quite literally does not make a single stroke on his painting without thinking of how it is working for the composition. Studying composition with Daud woke up muscles in my brain that I did not know were there. Daud helped me to think about my paintings with an entirely new set of criteria, unleashing a new sense of creative potential. Daud once said, “When you begin to see the principles of composition outside of the studio, you know you are beginning to understand it”. I haven’t looked at the world the same way since.” Caleb Stoltzfus, artist

What skills did Rembrandt need to compose the “Prodigal Son?” Michelangelo to compose the Sistine Chapel? Bruegel to compose “The Return of the Hunter?” Painting from life is half, or more, of the preparation an artist needs to assemble his/her skill set, but learning to structure composition from imagination is the other half. Rembrandt had to imagine the Prodigal son, Michelangelo had to imagine the Sistine Chapel, and on and on. Even painters who paint
completely from life must use their imagination to compose the model, tableaux, still life.

Composition, as it is taught at the Russian Academy, is the study of translating imagination into well-structured images or forms.  In this two-day workshop, students will create a painting from their imagination in the medium of their choice. After an initial demonstration and discussion by Daud Akhriev, students will embark on an individual study in company, as every project will be personal. From numerous early sketches to preliminary studies, Akhriev and the students will consider linear composition, massing of the light and dark, massing of the forms, where to place focal points and how emotional content
affects all of the above. Students will learn to recognize and orchestrate the rhythms of the composition’s spaces and forms to create dynamic and successful works of art.  There will be a one-hour lunch break each day.  Students may bring their own lunch or enjoy plenty of dining options in our southside neighborhood.

Materials list:
– A sketchbook and drawing materials for the preliminary sketches and studies. The size and medium of the actual project is up to the individual. Even
whether the project is color, or black and white.

– Painting or drawing materials of your choice, and the canvas or paper of your choice, in the size of your choice.

– Reference Materials: Bring any reference material which inspires you and/or will be helpful in a practical manner. Photographs, prior sketches, postcards of other artists’ work, poems, music, anything at all which is relevant.

About the instructor:  
Daud Akhriev was born in the former Soviet Union in 1959.  He studied classical painting and drawing for 14 years, graduating with honors from the Repin Institute (Russian Academy of Fine Art) with a masters degree in fine art, under the tutelage of the late painter and Academic, Piotr Fomin.  In 1991 he emigrated to Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Akhriev, now a U.S. citizen, shares his time between Andalusia, Spain and Chattanooga, Tennessee with his artist wife.

Akhriev is internationally sought after as an instructor for figure and landscape painting and for his monumental work. The Four Seasons, his four 9 foot bronze figures completed for the city of Chattanooga, are listed on the national Public Art Registry. Additional public art includes the Erlanger Chapel Mosaic and the Baylor School Mosaic, as well as murals at the Collegedale Seventh-Day Adventist Church and St. Peter’s Episcopal.

Daud Akhriev, Stylistic Pluralism was published in 2002 by Common Place publishing.  He is also featured in Traditions Rediscovered, the Finley Collection of Russian Art.  Akhriev’s drawings are in several books about the Repin Institute, both in Russian language and in Chinese, and in numerous magazines such as Artists Magazine, Pastel Journal,  Island Journal, Chattanooga Magazine, Southern Living and American Art Collector.  Daud is a Master Signature Member of Oil Painters of America has received numerous awards including 2017 Finalist in Pastel Journal; 2016 Oil Painters of America Silver Medal; and 2016 Plein Air Magazine Grand Prize.  For more visit