Figure Drawing


4 weeks
Wednesdays, September 6-October 1 (skip September 20)  | 6-9 pm
Instructor:  George Dawnay

All levels are welcome!

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4 weeks
Wednesdays, September 6-October 1 (skip September 20)| 6-9 pm
Instructor:  George Dawnay

All levels are welcome!

George’s figure drawing class is the perfect introduction for the beginner and a great refresher for those who are familiar with drawing the figure.  Working from an unclothed model, this 4-week class will concentrate on ways to describe gesture and proportions through a number of techniques.  Basic principles of drawing will be covered including measuring,  proportion,  structural characteristics of the human figure, including posture, movement, angle of view, contour and anatomy.  Once practiced and repeated students will have a new set of tools at their disposal in order to tackle this highest form of art, figure drawing.  Model fee is included in the class fee.
About the Instructor:
George studied in London under the painter Charles Weed before continuing his training at the Florence Academy of Art where he spent four years before apprenticing with Alexander Hamilton painting murals around northern Italy.  He then moved to Paris where he started to develop his technique by continuous study of Rodin and works at the Louvre.

Coming to Chattanooga in 2000, he took instruction from Cessna Decosimo for a year before heading out west with his wife (Chattanooga girl Suzannah).  George and his wife have returned to Chattanooga where he currently lives and maintains his art studio.  His work can found at Gallery 1401 in Chattanooga and the Westbrooke Modern Gallery in Carmel, California.  He recently took part in the Insularity show Los Angeles, California and is a contributor to The Figurative Artist’s Handbook:  A ContemporaryGuide to Figure Drawing by Robert Zeller.

Materials List
All materials can be purchased in Townsend Atelier’s store prior to or during class

a pad of paper around 19″x24″ that can be Canson or Strathmore “sketch quality

some compressed charcoal or sanguine

a kneaded eraser and a pink eraser

Students should also bring:
a hand mirror
2 foot or so of thread  with a key attached to the end (plumb line)